Global CSO Alex Hesz quits Omnicom for British politics

Omnicom global CSO Alex Hesz is leaving to try his luck in an even more shark-infested pool – British politics.

Hesz (above), who’s believed to be joining Labour in some capacity, says: “As we move into what I believe will be an important year for the world, it’s time for me to change course.

“I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside the political world in a private capacity over several years and this is the moment to invest some real energy against an agenda that matters to me.

“I’ll be consulting as an advisor for a UK political party and hope I can make a meaningful difference.”

Hesz, who made his name at adam&eve, is noted for his intelligence so he’s unlikely to be joining the Tories, headed (according to the polls) for a crushing defeat in the next General Election.

He joins a long list of ad folk who have tried their luck in politics, most notably Tim Bell and Maurice Saatchi in Margaret Thatcher’s heyday. Trevor Beattie advised Tony Blair in opposition and the early days of government. Most find that being an adviser ends in frustration as seasoned politicos and senior civil servants eventually put paid to early ideals and so keep a foot in the agency camp.

Labour has used Omnicom agency Lucky Generals recently so there’s an obvious opening for Hesz in tandem with the agency. Omnicom has wished Hesz well but says it’s not going to hire a like-for-like replacement.

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