Amazon joins retro wave with reworking of cheesy old commercials

Ads hark back to early days of 'sweatermen'

Amazon is challenging Apple for ad innovation, in this case the world’s biggest advertiser is joining the retro wave by updating 1999 holiday commercials (the very early days of Amazon) for social, featuring “sweatermen,” themselves a riff on 1960s US variety shows.

Not that you’d get away with such antics in an Amazon warehouse.

And a veritable gaggle from 1999 (or thereabouts)

Global CCO Jo Shoesmith says: “It’s become a YouTube relic, with several people asking for it to come back over the years. A few members of our team stumbled upon the videos and felt that bringing it back in the same out-of-time, ’60s-variety-show form could be pretty disruptive on social.”

Like Apple Amazon now uses a mix of in-house and (in its case) a number of external agencies while Apple sticks to TBWA.

Maybe jingles will come back too.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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