What is it you do again? LinkedIn and Maximum Effort fill in the blanks

Are you flummoxed by other people’s jobs? Many of us are, and LinkedIn’s new campaign plays with this idea to comic effect.

The message from Ryan Reynold’s Maximum Effort agency is that even if your parents don’t understand what you do for a living, your LinkedIn community will.

George Dewey, president of Maximum Effort, said: “For decades, my parents could not describe what I did beyond the single word ‘advertising.’ As someone with job duties that parents couldn’t exactly nail, I have special empathy for B2B workers. We love this campaign because of its insight and its humanity. LinkedIn is the place for B2B exactly for the same reason they immediately embraced this campaign – they get it.”

The campaign is running in the US and the UK and while it’s genuinely funny, it’s definitely ageist. If you work in B2B, it’s not just the older generation who won’t get it.

MAA creative scale: 5.5

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