McDonald’s raises an eyebrow to Christmas, and the crowds gather

The McDonald’s “raised eyebrows” trope always looked like it would have legs, and here it is deployed very nicely in the fast food brand’s Christmas campaign, courtesy of Leo Burnett.

It’s a very simple idea – people suggest a trip to McDonald’s by raising their eyebrows – but it builds very well to become quite silly and full of Christmas cheer. A growing crowd strides towards McDonald’s as people abandon office parties, Santa’s grotto, trains stations, and school nativity plays.

As ever with McDonald’s, there’s a special offer to go with it, this time in the form of a Festive Wins promotion. There’s even a partnership with crocs.

Michelle Graham-Clare, SVP and CMO at McDonald’s UK & Ireland, said: “Celebrating the iconicity of a knowing look, an unspoken communication to signify the all-consuming craving for a Big Mac is something we’ve proudly celebrated all year… we hope to raise many smiles – and eyebrows – once again.”

James Millers and Andrew Long, creative partners at Leo Burnett UK, said: “The beginning of 2023 saw us turn a simple raise of the of eyebrows into an invitation to Maccies. So, what better way to finish the year than bringing this iconic action back for Christmas? This feel good campaign hopes to spread some joy, by celebrating all of those important moments of release during the festive period.”

Directed by Shannon Murphy, best known for Killing Eve, it has a lighter touch than the summer “traffic jam” campaign and while there’s not much of a plot, there’s plenty of detail to reward repeat viewing. And a good non-Christmassy choice of music with Van Halen’s 80s hit Jump.

MAA creative scale: 7

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