Deliveroo knows, anything goes: Christmas campaign by Pablo

Pablo has cleverly shoehorned a huge range of Deliveroo options into this Christmas spot, and then added in some ridiculous seasonal suggestions to make it memorable.

We are encouraged to lose our inhibitions and, if we feel like it, to have Brussel sprouts on pizza, mince pies for breakfast and gravy on everything.

Caroline Harris, VP marketing at Deliveroo, said: “Listening to our customers gave us great insight into the ‘Anything Goes’ mentality during this season, when the rulebook is there to be broken. We wanted to celebrate all the traditions, quirks and festive rituals that our customers have, no matter what they fancy and whenever they fancy it.”

Deliveroo’s Q3 sales were up 7% and the name has become a generic term for meal delivery. So while their advertising may not have the sophistication and budget of the Uber Eats and Just Eat campaigns, it’s lively and it does the job.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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