New-look Eurostar bounces back with adam&eveDDB – shame there’s yet another customer loyalty wheeze

It’s off to what used to be called ‘Gay Paree’ with a vengeance in adam&eveDDB’s first campaign for Eurostar, now incorporating Euro train operator Thalys.

Two women meet on the train and proceed to do the town in a mixture of live action and animation.

Eurostar CEO Gwendoline Cazenave says: “Today, with our teams and for our customers, we are writing a new page in the history of high-speed rail travel in Europe. With Eurostar, our customers will have Europe at their fingertips. Our ambition is clear: more Europe for a unique and sustainable travel experience.”

All well and good but there’s yet another customer loyalty scheme – Club Eurostar – that, as usual, means dual pricing via a bloody app. Can’t they just give this annoying wheeze a rest and charge fairly? It’s marketing’s most enduring contribution to customer annoyance.

Nice enough ad, A&E likes trains, the setting for one of its valedictory National Lottery efforts last Christmas. A&E seems the better for losing some big cumbersome accounts (John Lewis/Waitrose, National Lottery, Virgin Media which confounds everybody.)

MAA creative scale: 7.

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