Ineos defies convention in T&P launch for new cleaning products

The Ineos name is probably best known to consumers thanks to the sporting investments of its billionaire founder, Sir Jim Ratcliffe. The reason he has all this money (and is currently in the running to take a slice of Manchester United) is that he owns Ineos, the biggest chemicals company in the world.

Now Ratcliffe is launching a range of cleaning products called Next Gen, which was born out of the rush for sanitisation in the pandemic.

The&Partnership’s campaign to launch Next Gen introduces a suitably competitive tone with the line “You push yourself. We push the science.” We see lots of people getting sweaty and mucky in the course of various pursuits, all far removed from the domestic clichés of the category.

Caroline Reynolds, head of marketing at Ineos, said “We push ourselves, and the science behind our products, to deliver the top results, and we know that this ethos is shared by our customers too. This advert shines a light on the power of humans to push themselves in every aspect of their lives, offering INEOS as their supporter. We feel this is a brilliantly strong platform to tell our unique story, for our cleaning range and beyond.”

Micky Tudor, CCO at T&P, said “We wanted to avoid the sanitised and often saccharine version of life we conventionally see in the household cleaning category. Instead, we pushed ourselves to show a more authentic version of life that is sweaty, messy, dirty, and ultimately, way more human.”

Thanks to Ineos’ pedigree, the ad is pretty convincing. It’s great to see a break with category conventions around mums and kids although there’s no mention of Next Gen’s environmental impact, which could set alarm bells ringing.

MAA creative scale: 7

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