Festive treats: Toblerone Truffles and Reese’s advent calendar

Christmas is still more than two months away, but both Toblerone and Hershey’s are going out early with campaigns to tempt customers into an early start on the annual chocolate binge.

Mondelez is promoting its diamond-shaped Toblerone Truffles with a “Never square” campaign from Le Pub Amsterdam, which parodies the style of fashion and luxury brands. The drama is based around a chocolate necklace which a bit of a stretch, but the ad isn’t taking itself seriously.

Mother’s Reese’s campaign continues in its signature style with a bit of help from DJ Santa and his electronic dance music. Reese’s puts peanut butter in everything and this time it’s a chocolate stocking, heralding the arrival of an advent calendar.

There’s also a regular Toblerone ad set in an airport which is a fun nod to the brand’s true heartland.

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