DFS has some unexpected answers to the question ‘What’s your thing?’

Pablo’s third campaign for DFS takes the “What’s your thing?” line into fantasy territory featuring clouds, lakes, mountains, butterflies, a cake and even goats to demonstrate that you can do no wrong when choosing a sofa.

It all makes for fun viewing, which is just as well – DFS is taking over ITVX over the weekend, with an ad on the first pre-roll of every viewing session, and plenty more slots booked during England’s Rugby World Cup semi-final as well as Gogglebox, Big Brother, and on All4.

James Brewer, marketing director at DFS said “This new ad, which I believe to be the best yet, evolves our belief that our homes should be a unique expression of who we are and by demonstrating the depth and breadth of our range, that DFS is best placed to give customers both inspiration and confidence in their decisions.”

Dan Watts, ECD at Pablo said: “We’re so bombarded by other people’s opinions nowadays, it’s easy to forget our own. But in the battle of choices ‘your thing’ should always win. It’s a great point in time to remind customers of this and to build on the consistency of the DFS brand platform.”

Since winning the DFS account from Krow in 2021, Pablo has done well with building the brand. “What’s your thing?” is proving to be an adaptable and effective message.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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