Small crafts a winning family tale for Esselunga

UK supermarkets could learn a thing or two

There scarcely seems to be ad these days that doesn’t feature what we used to call a broken home, parents living apart.

That’s the world, of course, and it’s quite right that such people should be depicted in a sympathetic, positive way. The impact on children also needs to be in the balance and that can be tricky.

US agency Small gets it right here for Italian supermarket Esselunga. The magic ingredient is a peach.

Esselunga CMO Roberto Silva says: “The campaign aims to highlight the importance of grocery shopping: it’s not just about purchasing food, it has a much broader symbolic value. For every product we put in the cart, there is a deeper meaning than we’re used to thinking about. Esselunga is synonymous with quality and convenience and knows that your groceries are never just groceries: that’s why we’re committed to always offer the best to our customers.”

Shopping in Italian supermarkets is usually a pleasure, unlike the grim experience of navigating the UK’s soul-less two tiered pricing behemoths. Let’s hope the Italians don’t discover the supposed joys of digital transformation any time soon.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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