Miller for M&S outdoes Moss for Diet Coke as Primrose Hill’s finest hit TV

M&S women’s clothes have had a surprise lease of life since recruiting a refugee from Top Shop (escaping Philip Green should bring out the best in anyone) and now they’re back for autumn with Sienna Miller, who should fit the M&S aspirational profile well enough. From House 337.

But can she do for M&S what Twiggy did all those years ago for Stuart Rose and Steve Sharp?

It’ll do fine. MAA creative scale: 6.

Much better than another member of the once-notorious Primrose Hill set, Kate Moss, whose effort for Diet Coke (with whom she’s signed a mega-deal) is getting another airing on UK telly.

Achieves the difficult feat of making Katie look uncool. Think we’ve rated this before but, second time around, barely a 3.

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