Labour Party mocks Education Secretary with spoof RAAC update

Good to see the Labour Party having some fun with its political messaging. The Tories posted a Department for Education RAAC update saying “Most schools unaffected,” which is not terribly reassuring for the schools and families who are affected.

Labour retorted by reproducing the poster, but this time it was a message from the Mayor of Amity Island, fictional location of the film Jaws. It says “Most beachgoers not eaten by big shark” which just about sums up the futility of the Tory message.

Some people had fun responding to the post, including human rights lawyer Shoaib M Khan, who referenced Education Secretary Gillian Keegan’s media howler yesterday. He tweeted (or should that be Xd) “Others have been sat on their ars*s and the big shark isn’t even being thanked for doing a f***ing good job by not eating all the beachgoers.”

The TUC is also capitalising on Keegan’s media blunder, responding to her complaint that she wasn’t appreciated with the wry message: “Not supported at work? Join a union.”

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