VCCP and Snap Ldn ‘Give a shift’ about recruiting nurses and carers

Florence is an app that helps social care managers connect with nurses, carers and support staff when they have shifts to fill.

Snap Ldn and VCCP Media have come up with a campaign for the brand that promises to fill the shifts without the hassle, using five different executions that all play on the word “sh*t”.

Louisa Fielding, managing partner at Snap Ldn, said: “Frontline care managers are frequently dealing with staffing sh*tstorms, so we couldn’t afford to mince our words. The result: some proper ‘made you read them’ posters.”

Dr Charles Armitage, CEO and founder of Florence, said: “The years of chronic underfunding are taking their toll on healthcare professionals, many of whom are starting to lose hope. At Florence, we are committed as ever on our mission to fix the staffing crisis and alleviate the pressure that comes along with it.”

Not entirely sure that a single app can fix the staffing crisis, however well it functions. But the message is reassuring and eye-catching.

MAA creative scale: 5

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