Uncommon says ‘F.U.’ to the status quo in new venture with ex-Habito client

Good to see that the recent Havas deal has not dimmed Uncommon’s rebellious streak. The agency has teamed up with former Habito client, Daniel Hegarty, to launch a new savings app called Communion that is targeted at 25-35 year olds and offers a generous interest rate of up to 5.66% (if you invite friends to join).

A launch campaign for the bank promotes the “F.U.nd,” suggesting that if you build up some savings you will be able to say “F*** you” to life’s irritations: loser boyfriend, sex-crazed flatmates, sadist boss, greedy landlord, nagging parents etc. The brand’s logo is a self-explanatory broken chain and there’s a limited edition of two-fingered money banks to accompany the launch.

Communion’s CEO Daniel Hegarty started his career at payday lender Wonga before moving to lending platform Everline and digital mortgage broker Habito. For Communion, he has raised £2.5m from Revolut backers Target Global alongside money from three angel investors. Customer accounts will sit within Santander.

Nils Leonard, co-founder at Uncommon, who just sold his agency for a deal worth up to £120m, said: “Humans let money stop us living. It’s what really holds us back from doing the things we want. Removing dependency is a beautiful human state and saving is a big part of that. The concept of freedom lives through the entire brand.”

Contrary to the feckless image of younger people, many of them are forever “on the grind,” earning money in whatever way they can. The Communion app has a team of “money guides” to coach members through a personalised 12-step wealth-building plan and explore their personal relationship with money.

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