Krow unveils Elephant Atta bake-off

The south Asian market is a pretty big one in the UK and here’s a big campaign from Krow for Elephant Atta, maker of flatbread flour for chapattis and the like.

Featuring a V/O from Raxstar, described as an Asian music superstar, and showing a South Asian family busily baking away (well everybody else seems to be doing it.)

Elephant Atta | Home is where the Elephant Atta is from krow Central on Vimeo.

Krow client service director Harman Randhawa says:”There’s nothing better than eating chapattis, parathas, or rotis at home, and Elephant Atta is the pink bag that’s been doing it for generations. The ‘Home is where the Elephant Atta is’ campaign celebrates the heart and soul of South Asian families, their traditions, and the cherished moments they share around food.”

Once upon a time we seemed to have Homepride animated ‘four graders” I seem to recall although they’ve been gone for rather a long time.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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