Wieden+Kennedy London wins Kraft Heinz

Widen+Kennedy London appears to have the wind back in its sails – wonder if this is anything to do with no longer having a big supermarket account? -and it’s now been appointed by Kraft Heinz.

Admittedly Kraft works with W+K New York, also on a winning streak, but that’s what networks are for. W+K New York launched “It has to be Heinz” in June with help from London.

Kraft Heinz northern Europe president Jojo de Noronha says: “Kraft Heinz has been on a real transformation over the past few years and part of this has been building a culture of creativity…we’re excited to work with W&K London and look forward to bringing even more moments of joy to consumers across the UK and beyond.”

W+K London president Ryan Fisher says: “There are very few brands that are as iconic as Kraft Heinz, with deep meaning and connection to people globally. In the UK and Europe, there is enormous love for these food cupboard staples, and we are hugely excited to be working with Heinz to help build the stature of the brand even further.”

Love there may be but with some Kraft Heinz products like ketchup costing over twice as much as own label W+K has a job to do as the cost of living crisis stubbornly lingers.

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