AKQA unboxes smart new Volvo

“Unboxing” is the latest TikTok/YouTube obsession it seems, put to good use in this new film from AKQA for the new electric, dinky Volvo EX30. Which, when you see it (unboxed) from the back looks like a Polestar, Volvo owner Geely’s other, sportier marque.

All six minutes of it, fronted by Volvo CEO Jim Rowan. Rowan, a Scot, is the very model of a modern tech-savvy CEO, having run Dyson among others.

Looks quite a formidable contender (the car that is, as well as Rowan.)

Impeccably realised as you’d expect from AKQA. The WPP shop (now officially in charge of Grey) really is very good at these things.

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

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