Adam&eveDDB Berlin spells out perils of AI and social media

Adam&eveDDB is venturing back into much-lauded CALM territory with this new campaign – #ShareWithCare – from adam&eveBERLIN & DDB Germany for Deutsche Telekom warning of the the increased risks parents face thanks to the rise of data misuse and our old pal artificial intelligence (AI).

Ella is the unfortunate girl who, as a woman, finds her identity stolen and tampered with thanks to her parents unwittingly posting her image on social media.

“Telekom offers the best and most secure network,” says Uli Klenke, chief brand officer at Deutsche Telekom. “But in addition to access to this network, we also need the necessary knowledge and tools for safe and responsible handling of data on the Internet. Because the development of artificial intelligence holds opportunities and risks. In the spot, we let the AI warn us about itself. And thus, underline fascination and awe at the same time. We have to learn to deal with both factors appropriately.”

Indeed, but if you need to do this with each online owner life would be even more of a fag. Oh well – just don’t use social media I guess.

A&E however – and wherever in its mini-network – tells the story well and uses all two and a half minutes effectively.

MAA creative scale: 8

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