Wonderhood Studios revisits Branston Pickle’s 70s heritage

“Bring out the Branston” was a familiar refrain in the 70s and it still has nostalgic echoes even now, according to Wonderhood Studios’ research.

So the line has been brought back for the brand’s biggest media investment in three years, leading a new campaign in which food communicates telepathically with humans, reminding them that Branston can help cheer up a bland lunch or a dry snack.

Guy Hobbs, joint ECD at Wonderhood Studios, said: “Historically, the desires of sandwiches have remained largely unstated. We’re proud to finally give the nation’s sandwiches a voice and remind everyone that all food really wants from us is a hit of Branston.”

Angharad Wilson Dyer Gough, Branston senior brand manager, said: “After celebrating it’s 100th-anniversary milestone in 2022, the brand is continuing to bring out the Branston with our new TV advert this year that places a revitalised brand jingle at the heart of it… no matter how bland that sandwich or dry those leftovers are, Branston will be there to liven it up.”

In keeping with Wonderhood’s TV connections, the ads were directed by Andrew Gaynord, famous for Channel 4 comedy Stath Lets Flats, and voiced by Jamie Demetriou who stars in the show.

It’s a good campaign although perhaps the best ad of the week for Branston was its appearance in the Succession finale as an ingredient in Kendall’s “meal fit for a king.” It was one of the only things that the Roy siblings’ austere mother kept in her fridge.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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