Tissues at the ready as Broken Heart Love Affair gives its all for Kruger

Broken Heart Love Affair is one of those daft agency names that actually works and the Toronto agency is on top firm with this latest instalment of its ‘Unapologetically Human’ campaign for Kruger Products, featuring a range of paper towels.

Good for wiping tears it seems.

Kruger CMO Susan Irving says: “When we first launched Unapologetically Human at the height of the pandemic, we wanted to spotlight the messy, important moments that make us all human. Our goal was to show the ways in which consumers use our products, whether it’s wiping away tears or cleaning up messes, demonstrating how these experiences unite us all as humans.

“This carries forward into this campaign, as we recognize that while life can be messy, love can be messier. We wanted to be real about love in all its forms, from the toughness of heartbreak and thrill of first love to the softness and strength of enduring relationships. Our paper products serve as steadfast companions throughout the spectrum of human emotions, supporting individuals in moments of passion, sadness, and joy.”

And I thought they were tissues.

But it’s a genuinely powerful film that does move you. Directed by Mark Zibert for Scouts Honour.

A storming cover of INXS never hurts either.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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