George Floyd of Academy Films: my Top Tips for Cannes

Top Tips for Cannes

Hey Duggee – The Welcome Badge.

I’m a massive fan of Hey Duggee (particularly the Stick Song!). The heart warming film is for the children and families of Ukraine who have been placed in homes across the UK. Aside from the charmingly simple animation, catchy song and teaching elements, this project is loaded with sadness and warmth. It’s pure and beautiful.

CALM – The Last Photo

I can’t say anything about this that hasn’t been said before. It resonates deeply with far too many of us. The film has rightly won every industry trophy so far, and I expect the last awards show of its run will be a bundle of Grand Prix-shaped Lions.

Apple – The Greatest.

A really easy pick. If anyone ever tells you product demos are boring, show them this (or the Epic Split!). Apple (and Kim Gehrig) have massive awards prowess; this is Gold for sure. A Grand Prix? D&AD didn’t award a Black Pencil, but the two awards bodies are rarely aligned.

Skinny Mobile – Phone It In.

A simple idea that demands engagement. It’s really smart. Purpose-driven work can be truly great (see above!), but sometimes it’s cool to see innovative advertising that is just trying to sell shit. The idea for this is fantastic.

George Floyd is head of sales at Academy Films.

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