Belazu promises ‘chef-grade ingredients for your kitchen’ in first work by Wonderhood

The Guardian is a big beneficiary of Wonderhood’s new work for Belazu, which is centred on an eight-month deal with the newspaper’s food supplements, set up by Bountiful Cow.

Belazu’s aim is to help customers improve their culinary skills with a campaign that is firmly rooted in the real-life professional kitchen, including the kinds of ingredient experimentation and hand-written notes that chefs use all the time.

As well as print work, there’s a film that finishes with the line, “Foods toughest critics are our biggest fans.” Chefs on board include Angela Hartnett, Tom Straker, Josh Katz, Sabrina Gidda, Ben Tish and Helen Graham.

Taryn Malakou, brand strategy lead at Belazu, said: “This campaign is exceptionally different from traditional ‘foodie’ advertising and deliberately doesn’t rely on category conventions. It’s hyper-relevant to who we are as a brand and very distinctive. It sets us apart, with a clear creative idea, and a unique truth that builds on the foundations of our recent re-brand.”

Jack Croft, creative director at Wonderhood, said: “Taking huge inspiration from Belazu’s own chefs, we wanted to create a campaign where every element felt like it came from the world of top restaurants – from the handwritten notes and photography to the insights in the headlines. It’s been great fun creating this campaign together with the team at Belazu.”

Belazu’s audience is pretty middle class and easily definable so this campaign will clearly reach them – and may bring in some new customers too.

MAA creative scale: 7

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