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Adobe and Publicis Groupe launch PX to streamline content supply and delivery around the world

Publicis Groupe has created a new production offering, called PX, that claims to connect the many different technologies that are currently used to build multi-channel, personalised marketing campaigns.

In partnership with Adobe, PX will connect the dots between creative, production, media planning and activation technologies in an attempt to streamline the whole process at scale.

For better or worse, the world (mostly the internet) is oversupplied with content, and Publicis reports that the demand for more of it will grow by between 5 and 20 times over the next two years.

They don’t say whether that’s client or consumer demand, but either way, content creation, delivery and management are often pieced together from disparate technologies which makes for a lot of inefficiencies.

PX will combine Adobe’s tech with Publicis Groupe’s content and data as part of a plan to make the whole process seamless. Adobe’s generative AI is of course involved as a supplier of translation, voice and optimisation services to layer onto Publicis’ content in order to build what should be personalised, consistent, trackable and cost effective communications.

Arthur Sadoun, CEO of Publicis Groupe, said: “With data-driven personalisation at scale being critical to all future-facing marketing operations, PX is providing a true end-to-end optimal solution, connecting the dots between creative, production, media planning and activation ecosystems. Building on our ongoing partnership with Adobe, PX will further bring simplicity and efficiency to clients looking to streamline and accelerate how they are engaging with consumers.”

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said: “Adobe and Publicis have a longstanding partnership aligned on our joint mission to help brands around the world deliver more personalised experiences to customers,” said. “We look forward to helping unlock the full potential of content and marketing at scale to drive profitable growth for our customers.”

It’s difficult to know whether Publicis Groupe is truly ahead of the curve on this, but the technology in play seems inevitable, while creativity never is.

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