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VCCP quits ‘noodling around’ and launches Faith, an AI creative agency

Never one to miss an opportunity, VCCP has launched an AI creative agency. It’s called Faith, and has named payroll giant Sage (an existing client) as its first customer.

Faith’s reassuring message in the face of all the AI panic is: “We have faith that AI, used responsibly, is an accelerator of human creativity and imagination.”

Led by VCCP Partnership CEO Michael Sugden, Faith will tap into a collective of 14 different practitioners in the AI space, made up of creatives, technologists, prompt engineers, strategists, data analysts and makers. Faith will work with all VCCP’s offices around the world.

Sugden said: “We reject the notion that AI will make human creativity obsolete. We have faith that AI, used responsibly, will be an unparalleled accelerator of human creativity. We won’t realise this potential however by noodling around with MidJourney and Chat GPT. This is why we’re launching a dedicated agency to advance AI’s creative applications, accelerate our collective learning and share it quickly with our clients”.

The division has identified four founding principles for AI: be transparent when AI is being used; be authentic, fact-check AI-generated content; be compliant and break no laws; be Eehical, only use AI for good.

Dr Colin Rigby, Director of Enterprise at Keele University’s Business School said: “At KBS we’ve been exploring the potential of AI in areas as diverse as neuromarketing, net zero opportunities, customer service and work enrichment. The creative sector is an area of almost unlimited potential for successful application of these new AI capabilities.”

AI presents a lot of challenges to the way we live, and while Faith can’t possibly have all the answers, it’s at least posing many of the questions. Calling it a whole new agency might be a stretch, but it’s a good power move by VCCP.

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