Use Eos shave cream and find yourself draped around a fox

New York shop Mishcief lives up to its agency name with this appealingly weird role-reversal scenario in which a fox is wearing a human draped around its shoulders.

The idea, for Eos’ women’s shaving cream, is “So soft even soft things will think you’re soft.” The execution, directed by Clay Weiner of Biscuitworks, is deviant enough to make it shine.

Dana Buckhorn, associate creative director at Mischief, said, “Eos is known for making your skin super soft, which made us wonder how the world’s softest creatures might feel about that. One minute we’re saying, ‘this is probably too weird, but…’ and the next we’re building a human-sized fox complete with interchangeable eyeballs.”

Soyoung Kang, chief marketing officer at Eos, said, “Two things continue to set Eos shave cream apart – innovative formulas and memorable ways we tell people about it. We’re excited to keep stoking the flames of a product which has taken the internet and Gen Z by storm.”

Mischief also made the quietly subversive “Don’t stink of toxic masculinity” ad for Eos’ men’s shaving cream, and the Gen Z brand grew household penetration by 22% in 2022, making it the fastest growing brand in its category for the last two years in the US, despite being heavily outspent on marketing.

A good example of advertising that entertains and sells at the same time.

MAA creative scale: 8

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