SlimFast goes for brave new market position with Mother

We all know (or maybe, now, knew) what SlimFast is but it’s morphing into something that goes “beyond weight loss to low calorie nutritious fuel.” The work of strategy consultancy Craig+Bridget, two former AMV BBDO planners.

Mother is on the case and, as quite frequently these days, succumbs to the joys of rapping with Big Narstie, who clearly has a few weight issues regardless of any such repositioning, and Kelly Brook. Who doesn’t seem to have.

SlimFast marketing director Clafoutie Sintive says: “Our big, bold campaign with its uplifting tone is an unapologetic affirmation of celebrating your best self.

“We have our two ambassadors with their different needs to help connect with consumers who are at various stages of their own weight management journey.

“Big Narstie with his larger-than-life personality and confidence who is looking to lose weight over the long term, and Kelly Brook who is continuing to successfully maintain her weight and living her best life.”

Bold certainly – but don’t they need to call it something else if it’s to attract a new audience?

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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