New safety video: British Airways goes big on seatbelts

From time to time airlines go big on their safety videos (was going to say overboard, but maybe not) and British Airways has produced a new one with Uncommon, picking up some of the themes of its recent ad campaign.

Longstanding (or seated, with a safety belt) customers may wish that BA would put as much effort into making sure its planes flew (on time would be even better) but suppose you can’t have everything.

So here goes, with a cast of celebs you may or may not recognise. Not quite sure what some of them have to do with BA. Does Tom Kerridge do the food? He seems to do just about everywhere else these days.

On the plus side, it cuts down on the ‘flying the flag’ stuff and strikes a friendlier note.

On the other, do we really need all this?

MAA creative scale: 5.

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