Flash sucks: bring on Samsung’s Light Boost technology

Mother’s latest work for Samsung hits a fast and furious note for the Korean tech giant, with a lo-fi ad that shows just why “flash sucks” and Light Boost technology is where it’s at.

The ad demonstrates how flash ruins photos – and it also ruins encounters with England and Chelsea footballer Raheem Sterling.

Annika Bizon, marketing and omnichannel director at Samsung Electronics UK, said: “For consumers, the camera is a critical feature for smartphones, yet the flash still lets many people down in low light conditions. Our campaign is designed to help show everyone that thanks to Samsung Light Boost technology their photos and videos can still be awesome.”

The sequence of images is pretty compelling, and the copywriting, combined with the choice of images, have the mark of a proper ad agency rather than a “creator.”

MAA creative scale: 7




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