Rosa Paris shows how to “Go green without even trying” for Ouigo trains

Purpose is finally getting a makeover, with earnest do-gooding replaced by a more light-hearted take on saving the planet. Let’s face it, we are more likely to go green if it’s easy or cheap.

Ouigo, SNCF’s low-cost train network in France, has created a new campaign with Rosa Paris that equates the environmental benefits of rail travel with sharing a shower, unplugging your kids’ games console, or a scooter breaking down.

Jérôme Laffon, managing director of Ouigo, said: “Ouigo, the benchmark for low cost rail travel in Europe, makes responsible mobility accessible with low prices, whether by TGV or Ouigo classic trains. The choice of saving the planet by traveling doesn’t have to be a financial effort, a constraint, or a commitment: taking a Ouigo is a simple, accessible act, with the environment at its core.”

The “Go green without even trying” campaign is not about conscience, which is a refreshing change.  What matters is the impact on the planet.

MAA creative scale: 7

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