Romaine calm: Asda’s pun keeps customers happy

Vegetable shortages happen every so often and they are always an opportunity for a pun, with newspaper headlines like “Leaf it out” and “Tip of the iceberg” surfacing regularly.

Another old favourite, “Romaine calm,” has been put to good use by Asda and Havas in a press ad reassuring customers about veg supplies. The puns don’t stop with the headline: the copy tells us that the supermarket is “confident our ongoing efforts will soon bear fruit (and lots of it).”

Whether or not it’s all down to the weather, as the ad claims, is up for dispute.

Some farmers have stopped growing some items because of the energy costs, others blame the supermarkets for refusing to pay a fair price – and then there’s Brexit of course, which means that EU countries find it a lot easier than the UK to find alternative suppliers.

You don’t even need to be original with a pun as long as you apply it masterfully. Many commentators predicted that advertising would lighten up a little in 2023, and here’s the evidence.

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