Stranger things have happened – are enjoyable ads making an unlikely comeback?

One of two pundits were foolhardy enough to predict that 2023 – not the cheeriest prospect – might see the return of fun/enjoyment in ads. They should clearly be cosigned to the digital media school of forcible re-education for daring to believe that ads that people like persuade them to think well of brands and, even, buy them.

This preposterous notion reared its head a couple of times in a UK ad break recently, in ‘Stonehouse’ I think, the cartoonish account of a failed politician. Seems to be a rerun of an Airbnb campaign from the US in 2021, produced in-house and directed by Kim Gehrig. Would you let these ‘strangers’ in your house?

Then it was an addition to the meerkat stable for Comparethemarket, now fortified with an ockerish wombat (from as far away from Russia as possible.)

Silly but diverting from VCCP – and surprisingly well cast and shot (for these times.)

It will never last.

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