Army makes its pitch as fourth emergency service from Accenture Song

“Nothing can do what a soldier can do” (shouldn’t that be nobody?) is the line in this new Army recruitment film from Accenture Song. Which, grammar aside, comes as something of a relief for those of us occupying the benighted UK where the boys and girls in khaki seem to be taking over ever more essential functions – driving ambulances. substituting for the striking Border Force (at least they seem quicker.)

Here they are rescuing a baby from a flooded car. It’s a joint effort from the MoD and Capita. Have we outsourced the army?

Capita CMO Naomi Walter says: “As a modern, battle-ready land force with cutting-edge technology, the Army believes its people are its greatest asset. Built on character, training, and professionalism to create dynamic teams with fighting spirit. But that spirit isn’t just in times of conflict, but in crisis too. ‘The Flood’ spotlights the role that the Army, including its Reservists play in the UK, tapping into the key motivations to drive applications.” Job applications, presumably.

Accenture CCO Nik Studzinski says: “Focusing on the instincts and humanity of British soldiers, supporting communities in crisis a little closer to home, felt like a story that needed telling. The flood scenario resonates because it affects us all. And it shows a different side to the Army, one that’s less focused on conflict-based concerns overseas. So, while technology has brought rapid advancements, ‘The Flood’ spotlights the irreplicable skills that make soldiers invaluable in times of crisis.” Should that be irreplaceable?

Anyway you get the point and it’s well made.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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