Woolmark fights back against man-made fabrics in Mother’s hyper-real campaign for Japan

Heat tech and ultra-light down have become big business in Japan, which is why The Woolmark Company has asked Mother Shanghai to fight back against synthetic fabrics and sell the benefits of Merino wool.

A series of four hyper-real ads illustrate the qualities that might make you choose Merino: thermal control, durability, easy to wash and 100% biodegradable.

Winson & Wanshi, partners of Mother Shanghai, said: “We want Merino Wool to come to the front of Japanese wardrobes, not the last clothing people reserve for only frigid temperatures. Merino Wool is not only a fibre when you need an extra bit of warmth, but a fibre that has multiple unique qualities, which this campaign brings to the front of mind charmingly and engagingly.”

The campaign is indeed charming, and makes a convincing argument for our times.

MAA creative scale: 7

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