BETC highlights Kremlin’s mendacious propaganda war

Sooner or later a “peace” deal will be cobbled together in Ukraine, probably one that won’t satisfy anyone apart, maybe, from European consumers who might see energy prices fall and inflation abate. It will probably see Vladimir Putin still ensconced in the Kremlin and Russia possessing the Crimea.

Russia’s reputation will take decades to recover (not that Putin cares) because the world has been apprised of his doings by the often heroic efforts of journalists on the front line, supported in many instances by Reporters Without Borders (RSF.) Eight journalists have been killed in the conflict so far, countless others arrested.

Agency BETC Paris is supporting RSF with this timely film demonstrating what a brazen liar Putin is. We know that of course but it’s still a shock to see some of his whoppers. If Donald Trump trademarked “fake news” (claiming he’s a victim of it) Putin is an even more dedicated purveyor.

RSF secretary general Christophe Delaire says: “Without journalists to cover the war in Ukraine, we would be powerless against disinformation and propaganda, we wouldn’t know whether the bombing of civilians in Ukraine was true or false, or whether the Bucha massacres really took place.

“After the world was stunned by the war in Ukraine, RSF wants to raise awareness about the other war being waged by the Kremlin, the information war.”

MAA creative scale: 8.

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