Adam&eveDDB’s giant ‘Alex’ dramatises homeless plight for charity Crisis

Out of Home installations are playing a bigger part this Christmas and adam&eveDDB and homeless charity Crisis have joined the trend with with a “hyper-real” 4.3m sculpture – ‘Alex’ – by Sophie de Oliveria Barata for Creative Giants that uses face-mapping technology to combine the features of 17 people who have experienced homelessness.

As a chill Arctic wind hits the UK the installation could hardly be more timely. The towering sculpture debuts at London’s King Cross station and will then move to Birmingham’s Bull Ring. People can find out more about homelessness and donate to the charity via a QR code.\

Crisis head of marketing and communications Catherine Ashford says: “Every day at Crisis we are confronted with the impact homelessness has on people’s lives and every day we see that it doesn’t have to be this way. But we know homelessness is an issue people find overwhelming, and while many want to see change, too many of us continue to turn away.

“Now, with rents rising and increasing cost of living pressures pushing more and more people into homelessness, this growing problem must finally be confronted. That’s why we’ve been delighted to work with adam&eveDDB on our new campaign to ensure that homelessness cannot be ignored any longer.

We hope that Alex will not only stop people in their tracks and evoke powerful feelings of connection but that it will inspire conversations about homelessness. Because only when each and every one of us engage with this pressing issue, can we make the changes needed to end it for good.”

MAA creative scale: 8.

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