Broken Heart Love Affair scores again for Toys ‘R’ Us

There’s never a dull moment with Canada’s Broken Heart Love Affair it seems and the agency is certainly breaking new ground with its first work for Toys ‘R’ Us, lamenting the demise of children’s “imaginary friends.”

Increasingly the little darlings don’t have time for such relationships as they’re too busy on their computers and phones. Maybe they’re in Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse when they’re not supposed to be.

“Imagination Included” tries to show how the retailer can bring back the imagination once central to children’s play.

Toys ‘R’ US Canada director of marketing Allyson Banks says: “When a child picks up a toy, it only comes to life through their imagination. As Canada’s dedicated toy and baby retailer, we have the tools to make sure that children can do that.

“When a child walks through our doors watching the wonder and amazement in their eyes is like magic, their world of make-believe becomes real. We are focused more than ever on encouraging imaginative play and nurturing this development in children.”

Ambitious no doubt but BHLA has produced something rarer than hen’s teeth, a brilliant toy ad. You’d have to go back to the great days of Lego to find a match.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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