Leaky Thames Water goes to VCCP

VCCP has won Thames Water in a six agency pitch, taking over from M&C Saatchi. M&C keeps some data work.

There can hardly be a more challenging client in the whole of the UK. Thames Water is under fire for a multitude of sins including polluting rivers with untreated sewage and failing to maintain its vast underwater system properly (although, after years of neglect, it seems to be trying – often by digging up the same road in the capital several times.)

In its latest PR disaster it over-billed a 98 year old woman for allegedly consuming the equivalent of a million cups of tea. She hadn’t.

Still hope springs eternal. Thames Water says of VCCP’s appointment: “VCCP London showed an excellent understanding of both the challenges and opportunities we face. We were impressed by the team’s strategic and creative thinking and we’re looking forward to working with them to deliver effective, creative and innovative communications and content, in line with our brand, values and purpose.” The latter should, presumably, mean delivering clean water at acceptable cost.

VCCP MD Roly Darby says: We’re excited to be working with Thames Water, an iconic UK brand, offering huge potential for us to develop challenger-style work which has a meaningful impact on people’s everyday lives and the environment.” We know that agencies have to say something in these circumstances but iconic?

Anyway good luck to VCCP, hoovering up new business even faster than usual. It’s now the proud custodian of two of the UK’s least-loved brands, Thames and Virgin Media. Should keep them on their toes.

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