Dave Kolbusz and Orchard get jiggy with ‘strange’ Ocean Spray Thanksgiving spot

A grim Thanksgiving dinner is livened up no end by a few cans of Ocean Spray cranberry jelly in this spot by Orchard, which CCO Dave Kolbusz accurately describes as  both “strange” and “joyous.”

Kolbusz, who quit Droga5 London in April and is now in New York, has left UK advertising just a little bit duller, as this ad shows.

Ocean Spray’s brand benefited hugely from a random viral TikTok a couple of years ago — the first of its kind — but this time the brand has taken matters into its own hands.

It’s memorable and the product is very much at the heart of it, even if the cranberry sauce looks pretty unappetising. Let’s hope some UK agencies can come up with this calibre of work for Christmas.

MAA creative scale: 9


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