The narrow confines of today’s creative work: Tesco Mobile and Wrigleys

These days we all seem to have do more (or the same) with less and it’s ever true of advertisers.

BBH has done a pretty good job on Tesco in recent years, without the generous production budgets of yore. Now it’s Tesco Mobile’s turn with, once again, a contender for “best use of a shopping trolley.” To get its lower price message across.

Could just as easily been for the store as a whole, probably better actually.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

Mars is going global for Wrigleys Extra Gum with this, currently all over the UK airwaves. So there must be a pretty big media budget. Strange, perhaps, that the ad by Energy BBDO only runs to 20 seconds. Maybe it’s a sign of the TikTok-ing of ads.

Maybe “Do what makes you Ding” can’t support extra exegesis.

MAA creative scale: No idea, infantile but might strike a chord.

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