Now the good news – BMB tells it straight for Breast Cancer Now

We do try to bring you some light as well as shade on MAA but it’s proving tricky this morning. So far we’ve had the war in Ukraine and a reminder to the world’s leaders that they’ve forgotten to do what they promised to do to improve the place.

All this amid the UK’s worst sterling crisis since the 1960s (Brexit – dont’cha love it?)

Here’s another foray into the gritty end of the spectrum, BMB for Breast Cancer Now to run through October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

BCN’s Rachael Franklin says the ad: “(Encourages) open conversations around breast cancer. We want to remind anyone affected by breast cancer that you’re not alone – from our nurses to researchers, to fellow breast cancer patients, Breast Cancer Now is here for you. With over 55,000 women a year and one man every day being diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK, there’s no time to waste in opening up real talk about the disease.”

Sometimes tackling an issue straight actually cheers people up a bit. Creative Bianca Eglinton has certainly achieved that here.

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

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