Lucky Generals debuts for Gym Group with ‘gymtimidation’

With Lucky generals you nearly always get an idea (most of which work) and its debut for The Gym Group has what might be a winner in ‘gymtimidation’ (bit of a mouthful obviously.)

The premise being that going to the gym is horrible (for the uninitiated anyway.). So there are lots of unhappy gym faces here (and a glimmer of satisfaction at the end.)

Gym Group brand and marketing director Emily Kortlang says: “Gymtimidation’ is a very real issue, particularly for women, as 1-in-3 non-gymgoers say they would feel out of place in the gym. We’re determined to reassure the nation that we understand their fears and will be there to support and cheer them on in their fitness journey – our whole group is behind them. We’re proudly mass market; but low-cost no longer needs to mean low quality and we wanted to reflect this confidence in our offering within the campaign.”

Might be on to a winner – but is it all a bit too complicated?

MAA creative scale: 7.

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