Is Waitrose aiming at the right targets?

Waitrose is making its bid in the frighteningly competitive food market with a new campaign plugging its eco-credentials, happy animals, satisfied suppliers and, of course customers – who don’t much resemble Waitrose’s legendary middle class lot.

Maybe the latter are still pissed off about Waitrose’s clumsy app-based customer loyalty scheme (it takes about five minutes at the till and only works with a good signal.)

So from adam&eveDDB it’s ‘Food to feel good about,’ with nary a mention of price. the result of a survey of 4,000 customers and “partners” it seems (partners = Waitrose staff.)

Waitrose customer director Martin George says: “We wanted to create a fully integrated campaign to bring together the quality, taste, ethics and value our customers can feel good about.

“With customers becoming increasingly discerning about where they spend their money, our ambition is to ensure that our brand refresh will help to make Waitrose feel more relevant and more compelling for our customers.”

Media agency MG OMD’s Geraldine Ridgway says: “Within this campaign it was critical that we not only landed (lauded?) quality and taste, but successfully communicated to our audience the lengths Waitrose goes to when it comes to sustainability and welfare too.

“As a result, we have created a multi-channel campaign, which includes a mix of high impact formats to boldly land Food To Feel Good About, alongside a data led targeting approach, to ensure we are reaching the most relevant audiences and most importantly, our audiences are seeing all proof points.”

Hmm. Data-led targeting as in the loyalty scheme?

Think Waitrose might be barking up another wrong tree here. Surely the aim should be to persuade as many people as possible that Waitrose food is better – end of.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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