BETC nails TV envy for Canal+

One of the newer frustrations of modern life is subscription everything, especially TV streaming channels. As a long-suffering Virgin customer I can’t get Sky Atlantic (if anyone knows how to, let me know.) Not that I miss ‘Game of Thrones’ (CGI is so last year) but I do miss ‘Succession.’

Even more frustrating is ‘Slow Horses,’ the dramatisation of Mick Herron’s spy books with Gary Oldman et al, consigned to Apple TV. Hasn’t Apple enough without TV?

Sometimes people are forced to desperate measures as in two new ads from the ever-reliable BETC for Canal+ and its sports coverage. So we have two ‘lurkers,’ a desperate neighbour full of implausible excuses:

And a hovering TGV ticket inspector (who should tell the passenger to turn the sound down.)

Over the years BETC has produced some corkers for Canal+. These hardly match the very best of them but they’re still funny and pertinent. In an era when advertising, so some say, is all about product information rather than brand, these manage both.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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