BBC News gets it right with new trust film

It’s an ill wind…the BBC has been consistently under fire in recent years (dropping the classified football results on Radio 5 being just one aspect of its silliness) but really big events call for a well-resourced public broadcaster and they don’t come much bigger than the war in Ukraine and the Queen’s death and funeral.

The fact that ITV finds itself under scrutiny over the ludicrous Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield alleged ‘lying in state’ queue jumping at the same time only serves to highlight what makes the Beeb different. Key to this, it says in this new film from BBC Creative, are its “rigorous” Editorial Guidelines.

Here they are in good old black and white as Clive Myrie and others report the Ukraine war.

Myrie says: “Accurate, impartial reporting is needed now more than ever. The BBC’s Editorial Guidelines, which are at the heart of our journalism, ensures this is delivered to our audiences at home and abroad. This film gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Guidelines in practice, when we’re putting news stories together. Whether I’m covering a story or presenting the News, the Guidelines are absolutely vital, as they enable high-quality news that our audiences trust and deserve.”

BBC Creative creative director Rasmus Smith Bech says: “The ‘Trust is earned’ film shows the reality of news teams working on the ground, as they’re steered by the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines – it takes effort and energy, but above all humanity. I can’t imagine a more relevant message to put into the world right now. It’s been an absolute privilege to bring the guidelines to life and show how trust in the BBC is something that is continually earned, every day.”

Quite. Proper journalism is too important to be left to am algorithm-driven market free for all.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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