Adam&eveNYC debuts for NBA video game

Adam&eveNYC is hanging in there in the Big Apple market that has confounded so many British agencies (DDB obviously helps.)

Maybe its biggest win has been sports simulation video game NB2K23, named after the most famous basketball ace Michael Jordan who wore 23. To some of us basketball might be a contest where you score on and I score one but it’s undeniably an American obsession, hence the faux-heroic tone of most communications featuring it. And that recurring sports theme: you too can be great (however hopeless you really are…)

The ads feature (among others) Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker and American rapper Jack Harlow, who also narrates the film.

A&E NYC says; “Modern-day greatness is more than trophies and rings. It’s the shoe deals, the hip-hop song shoutouts and the building-size murals. With this campaign, we wanted to give every gamer a taste of the greatness that can be achieved through NBA2K23. Of course, it always helps having Devin Booker, Zach Lavine, Chet Holmgren and Jack Harlow delivering the message.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5 (actually like the short “trailer” more.

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