Vodafone rings alarm bells in new Ogilvy campaign

Whatever next? An interesting ad from Vodafone? The giant mobile network has confounded many of us over the year with a smorgasbord of communications that mostly failed to do justice to such a big brand.

But now Ogilvy UK has revisited that fertile old “fourth emergency service,” once promoted by the AA (automobile version), with a campaign majoring on Vodafone’s key role in connecting such services in the UK, over 70% it says.

So we have a paramedic talking to a midwife, hoping obviously for a secure signal.

Vodafone brand and marketing director Maria Kousoudakis says: “Reliability is naturally super-important to our customers. We wanted to find a way to bring this to life; a story people could connect with emotionally, rather than simply a rational claim. With 77 per cent of emergency services having connectivity contracts with Vodafone, we felt this was a perfect platform to not only showcase our network reliability message, but also showcase the amazing job they do for us.”

Not sure that “Those you trust, trust Vodafone to keep them connected” is the greatest line but the ad has impact all the same.

Ogilvy seems to found some form on Vodafone recently. Vodafone appointed New Commercial Arts for international work a while back. Sometimes having a wolf in the room can be just what’s required.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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