Cannabis goes mainstream in the US, with campaign offering customers a choice of ‘vibes’

If you want to see what the legalization of marijuana looks like for marketers, watch this American ad for cannabis brand Viola, in which people are openly smoking the product and enjoying its benefits.

The campaign launches the “Viola Vibes System” which simplifies the dizzying choice of cannabis on the market. Whether you want to “Kick Back,” “Get Up & Go,” turn your “Lights Out” or party with “Good Times,” Viola has the right weed for you.

There are extensive restrictions on cannabis advertising in the US, but these vary enormously from one state to another. Viola’s campaign, by agency Basewood, will run on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter and will be supported by in-person activations in more permissive areas like Los Angeles, Detroit and Colorado.

We are still a very long way from anything like this in the UK, but it might be a glimpse of things to come. Still, it’s pretty shocking to see people openly inhaling — almost like going back to the old days of classic cigarette advertising.

MAA creative scale: 6

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