Virgin Media and Camelot wheel out big agency guns

Tow big campaigns from two of the UK’s biggest agencies: are they in rude health?

First up is VCCP in its debut for Virgin Media, newly merged with O2. VCCP (O2’s agency) won the business in a shoot-out with adam&eveDDB.

Essentially plugging what we used call ‘bundles’ as best for the streaming generation. With a Sticky Fingers-like rapping TV.

And adam&eveDDB for Camelot (which has lost the National Lottery to a rival, maybe) and whose numbers are down thanks to cost of living pressures on disposable income (there isn’t any.)

‘The Chase’ is a much more ambitious effort than we’ve seen of late from Camelot, presumably because of those pesky numbers.

Virgin ads, even at A&E, have been singularly lacking in empathy, maybe because broadband suppliers know everyone hates them so why bother?

As is this from VCCP, although it undeniably has impact.

Camelot is better; there’s a winning story (although a pretty old one) and it’s as well cast, acted and directed as you’d expect from A&E. Two wheelchairs too.

What do they say about these two big agencies? Steely competence certainly and, in the case of Virgin, heavy on information which is what clients seem to want these days. Broadband ads are stuffed with it, which may be one reason why, when you analyse the deal, it doesn’t seem that great.

Might it be better to try to persuade us to like such big brands? To trust them a bit more? That’s what Camelot seems to be aiming for although it might be a bit late for that.

MAA creative scales:

Virgin Media: 6.

Camelot: 7.

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