Trusty Lucky Generals enthrones Symprove in ‘Lootopia’

Lucky Generals can always be relied upon to tel a story and it’s also pretty good at persuading some rather unlikely advertisers on to TV. None of this A1 nonsense from Andy Nairn and his crew.

Latest is Symprove, which is a probiotic something-or-other and just the job, it seems, for holidaymakers afflicted by what we used to call Montezuma’s revenge or Delhi belly, not that you’re allowed to these days.

So we have Symprove’s own version of ‘Game of Thrones,’ set in ‘Lootopia.’

At the moment you’re probably relieved if you manage to get on holiday at all without someone cancelling your flights. Then, of course, your luggage is somewhere else – probably Heathrow. But that’s hardly Symprove’s fault.

The Generals are not yet the CDP de nos jours but you can usually watch their ads without wishing to throw something at the screen – a win.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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