KFC’s new horror spoof is a horror in itself

Creativity is there to push boundaries and, in a somewhat vanilla age for ads, one ought to applaud it when it does.

KFC though seems to have gone there and beyond in this Spanish horror spoof – ‘La Massacre’ – from NYSU and PS21, plugging its new Pollizza crustless pizza. The film features one made of fried chicken, which looks even more revolting than some of the antics in the film.

We had another 15-minute epic from Antoni for Mercedes recently, maybe it’s the “content” revolution that’s driving the fortunes of the likes of Media.Monks (somewhat mixed at the moment.) Maybe these things work brilliantly on TikTok.

There was what’s known as the KFC Massacre in 1983 when five people were killed in Texas. Did these film makers and, indeed, the company bother to Google that?

MAA creative scale: Yuk – 2.

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